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Complete your EHS Self-Assessment online. Then immediately receive your Report Card to evaluate and benchmark the current state of your EHS compliance.

*With this Do It Yourself (DIY) free plan, you will complete an online Self-Assessment then receive your Report Card. You will be given the option to upgrade later to receive your GAP Action Plan, Risk Assessment, and your personalized Roadmap along with professional consulting to guide you through the process.

“Make improvements, not excuses.
Seek respect, not attention.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Is your EHS where it needs to be?


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Assessment / Report Card 

See the dashboard of your scores and grades by section and overall EHS Report Card:

  • EHS Management Leadership and Commitment
  • Environmental Management
  • Safety Management
  • Occupational Health Management

GAP Analysis 

Identify whether you currently meet each requirement, understand the requirement, further work/help required to reach an understanding, where are you short, action to address any shortfall/ gap, estimated time you will meet requirement, personnel responsible, estimated time required to address, level of resources needed, and status.

Risk Assessment 

Rate the severity of Consequences and Likelihood for each required item. Based on your ratings, a Priority Level and Corrective Action Timeline is automatically assigned.


Only the deficient Items are listed and sorted by Priority Level (Very High to Low) so you can easily map out / work your plan and track your costs based on priority.

What You'll Receive

Based on your selection


If you are not 100% pleased with this process, you'll have 30-days to cancel and receive a 100% refund… no questions asked.

Report Card

Immediately upon completion of the assessment, you will receive your Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Report Card.

GAP Analysis

Easily work your EHS GAP Analysis complete with priority levels, corrective action timelines, who's responsible, current statuses, etc.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment will help you rate, prioritize, and create a corrective action timeline.


Develop a Customized EHS Roadmap to prioritize your exposures within your timeline.


Don't have the internal resources to achieve all that you want to do? Receive a 5% discount on any ESSG service.


A friendly ESSG Consultant will answer your questions.


With your Professional Consulting Plan, an ESSG EHS professional will schedule online meetings to step you through the entire process.

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For the Do It Yourselfer


Report Card

GAP Analysis

Risk Assessment



5% discount on any add-ons

Professional consulting to guide your through

Professional Consultation


Guidance through each stage

Guided Assessment

Report Card

GAP Analysis

Risk Assessment



5% discount on any add-ons

Professional consulting to guide you through

You receive our 30-day money back guarantee 

You are given the option to pay with a credit card or have us invoice you. The EHS Nav System is designed to develop an EHS Report Card, GAP Action Plan, Risk Assessment, and Roadmap for one (1) facility. For multiple facilities, you will need to accomplish the above for each facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Guarantee work?

If you're not satisfied, simply contact us within 30-days and we'll refund your money or credit your card.

If I choose the Professional Consulting, how many consulting sessions does it include?

As many as it takes to complete the process... However, normally 3 to 5, depending on the facility. We typically break up the consulting sessions in 1-hour increments.

What if I have multiple facilities?

We recommend that you pick one that you want to start with so you can get a feel of the process. Then when you're ready, tackle the next one(s).

Do you share my results with anyone?

No, we don't share any results with anyone outside who is working your account.

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